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March is our Sneak Preview Month when we’re open on Weekends from 10 AM – 5 PM and admission is discounted to $10 for adults and $8 for children ages 2-14.

Bring a picnic and enjoy a day of family friendly adventure with our animals – walk through the park, ride the Safari Bus and catch a Creature Feature in our Amphitheater. During the program, you’ll meet “Lady” and “Kocoum” precious wolf/hybrid pups born on December 1st. As you walk through the park, meet their parents, “Sam” and “Maggie” who joined the Hollywild family in October.

Come out to experience the heart of Hollywild, it’s animals, staff, and stories, and all that will make you say, “I love Hollywild… It’s MY Zoo.”
It’s time to step out of the routine and into the wild… Hollywild!
Come and enjoy the loud and rambunctious, peaceful and majestic, massive and colorful, creatures that call Hollywild home. Enjoy your interaction with many of our residents. Animal Food is available for purchase at several locations throughout the park. Feeding the animals is a favorite activity for all ages.  
We’ll take you on our Outback Safari Ride through 70+ acres of free roaming animals. It’s great fun to spot the hidden babies in the woods while being surrounded by dozens of animals, many which will eat right out of your hand. These animals include: Fallow, Sika and White Tail Deer… Zebras… Bison… Watusi Cattle… Scottish Highlanders… Donkeys… Emus… and more. This is truly a one of a kind adventure!  Don’t forget your camera. While on Safari, be sure to look for “Tank” Hollywild’s famous Rhino… you’ll recognize him from the current ZICAM commercials..

We want your experience to be fun and safe! Click here to watch on video on petting zoo safety :-)


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