A "Keeper" is an animal caretaker. Keepers take care of the everyday needs of the animal(s) in their care. At Hollywild, they feed, clean habitats, monitor the health and well-being of the animals, and play with the animals and provide enrichment for them in the form of special treats, toys, or activities that stimulate their minds. With our Keeper's Notes below, you'll learn more about the behind-the-scenes care of the special animals who call Hollywild Animal Park home. If you have a question you'd like answered by our keepers, you may email it to: happenings@hollywild.com and we'll do our best to answer it in upcoming posts!

July 2014

We thank you for your patience as we address issues with our video feed to our webcam. Please note this is an issue within the park grounds and not an Earthcam issue. We will be back up and running with the fun views of our bears at play soon!

In the meantime, come on out to visit them in person. Our triplet cubs, born in January and housed for several months in a non-public area of the park are now enjoying their new 'playroom' near our Primate area.

And when our webcam is back up and running, you can see our three 2 1/2 year old cubs, Amalia, Samra, and Malika playing in rotation with their father Ramses, and "uncle" Honey Bear. (Honey is a grizzly bear and so not of the same line as the Syrian bears.)

An interesting note: Our animal staff explains that the Syrian bears are very similar to grizzlies in their body structure and behaviors and are often referred to as "Grizzlies of the East." Yet, due to the environmental differences, the Syrians tend to be smaller bears overall, especially the females.


And now you know! We have triplets! Hollywild is pleased to announce the January 11th birth of triplet Syrian Brown Bear Cubs, two females and one male, the first male cub ever born at the Park. Their parents are 26-year-old Ramses and 14-year-old Giza. These are the third set of offspring of the pair. In 2012, Giza gave birth to triplet females: Amalia, Samra, and Malica, still residing in the Park. You can often see them at play on our Earthcam. In 2013, Giza gave birth to Syriana Nyeff, another female cub, also still in residence at Hollywild. During our 2014 Park Season, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see bears at multiple stages of development.

Hollywild will offer Private Bear Encounters with the cubs. These are a fundraiser to assist with ongoing renovations to our Bear Habitats. Additional information about the Encounters will be posted on our website hompage and our Facebook Page. For more information, call (864)472-2038.

The cubs will make their first PUBLIC appearance as part of our International Earth Day celebration on Saturday, March 22nd. On that day we will have many special guest presenters at the Park and the cubs will be formally introduced at a 1 PM Creature Feature Show in our Amphitheater.

The Public is invited to help us name these precious babies. Name submissions will be accepted via emailed forms (available on our website homepage) or by forms submitted through our Park Admissions Gate.

In March we are open on weekends 10 AM - 5 PM. Admission is $10 for adults (ages 14 and up). March is Sneak Preview Month with discounted admission offered.

In April we will be open daily: weekdays from 9 AM - 1 PM and Weekends from 10 AM - 5 PM. Admission is $12 for adults; $10 for students and mlitary with ID; and $8 for children ages 2-14.

Please return to our homepage for additional information on all the great happenings at Hollywild - YOUR Animal Park for FUN!


TODAY (2/27/14) We are making several new announcements about our exciting 2014 Season at Hollywild! Stay tuned for our 1 PM live via webcam introduction to the season and some VERY PRECIOUS and SWEET guests!

Winter 2013 Though you haven't been able to see our bears with a walk-through visit during our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit Season, you have been interacting with them as they ahve watched you driving through for the night-time lights event. Coming for our Holiday Lights Safari Benefit provides essential support for all the animals who make their home at Hollywild, whether you see them during the event or not. We hope you'll continue enjoying watching our webcam during our winter months and will come back and see our animals, including these bears, when we reopen for visitors for our PARK SEASON weekends in March and daily beginning in April.

Viewer Question: Why aren't our bears hibernating?

Well they are and they aren't. In captivity, bears don't go through exactly the same process they would in the wild, though they still eat more in the fall in preparation for a 'rest' time during the winter. In the wild, food is just not as plentiful so they eat when it's available storing nutrients, then slow their body systems down through what we typically think of as 'hibernation' or sleeping through the winter. But in captive situations, when food is readily available, the bears do stay more active. They have the nutrients and environment to do so. Thankfully that means our webcam visitors will still get see our bears in action.

Fun note: The webcam is a great way to check the weather at the park if you're planning to visit!

NOTES from our 2013 Park Season - REMINDER - Visitors are welcome to submit questions to be answered here. Just email your questions to happenings@hollywild.com!

Tuesday- Our bears sure have been enjoying the cooler weather! Even with the rains they still love to play in their pools, splashing around just like children. We have appreciated calls from people watching our bears. It is lovely to know you are watching them. Don't forget, if you have any questions you'd like answered here, email your question to happenings@hollywild.com!

Wednesday- Are you enjoying the fruits of summer? So are our bears! In these days when watermelon are plentiful, our bears have even more fun with them than you do. Putting whole watermelons or large chunks of sweet fruit into the bear habitats provides more than just a snack. It's called enrichment for the bears, too. They can dig into the melons and pull on the rind to get at the sweet flesh and seeds inside. Having the challenge of getting to the 'good' inside stimulates their minds. Seasonal fruits make great food for both mind and body for our bear friends.

Tuesday- Thank you for asking about the rods and wires that have been put up on the bear habitat behind the upper pool and waterfall. Some additional construction is taking place on the back side of the habitat. While this is in process, a temporary fence has been put in place to keep the bears from climing down the back side of their mountain. This keeps everyone safe. The bears can continue to play in their pools during these summer days while the area is updated.

Wednesday- It's a lazy day here at the Park, our bears are strolling around and enjoying their comfortable living room. Ramses, our male Syrian brown bear is the one most likely to be showing off for our on-site visitors. We've even seen him sit up and wave his arms at us clearly hamming it up. It's quite likely that our crowds remind him of his days in a traveling bear show.

Friday- It appears that Ramses is encouraging Giza to enjoy a day at the Hollywild Spa as this Mother's Day weekend begins! And he's joining her! We love watching these bears enjoy time in the pools built just for their fun. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Thursday- Giza and Ramses, two Syrian Brown bears, are enjoying their spa-like environment. It's been fun to watch them lounge in the water and recently we saw Ramses soaking then cleaning his feet in the water. Who'd have guessed that male bears like a pedicure! And, in case you were wondering, the limb that's been leafing out in front of our cam will be trimmed today!

Monday- This morning you are seeing our 15 month old cubs, Amalia, Samra, and Malica at play. These girls love to romp in the water and climb the rocks. They are now about 120 lbs each and growing fast which gives them their 'gangly, lanky' and some would say "awkward adolescent" look. For bears, this stage lasts several years until they start filling out in adulthood. Giza, the cubs' mother, is well over 500 lbs and their dad, Ramses, tops out over 800 lbs according to keeper estimates. As the day progresses and the bears rotate in and out, you'll be able to see them too and notice the differences!

Welcome to Eyes on Hollywild! Today you are looking at one of our bear habitats, but more importantly, you are meeting our three 15 month old Syrian brown bears.The girls are named Amalia Nur, Malica Ishtar, and Samra’ May, in honor of their Syrian heritage. Not yet adults, we know they still don't quite look like cubs either as they each now weigh about 120 lbs! Their sister, Syriana Nyeff is only three months old and weighs less than 20 lbs.She is too young to join her sisters just yet but will be meeting visitors to the park during Creature Feature Programs. In coming weeks you will be able to see the triplets or their parents (dad Ramses, mom Giza (each about 400 lbs)) or their distant 'cousin' Honey Bear, a Grizzly. But today, watch our girls as they play together, splash in the pools, climb the rocks, and explore their fun 'living room.' . . Can you start to see their individual personalities? We are pleased to invite you to meet these ladies and hope you'll visit us often to spend time with our exciting Hollywild family members!.





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