We appreciate our viewers' patience as we have been experiencing technical difficulties with our webcam and have had to order replacement parts. Installation should take a few days so please check back with us soon!

A "Keeper" is an animal caretaker. Keepers take care of the everyday needs of the animal(s) in their care. At Hollywild, they feed, clean habitats, monitor the health and well-being of the animals, and play with the animals and provide enrichment for them in the form of special treats, toys, or activities that stimulate their minds. With our Keeper's Notes below, you'll learn more about the behind-the-scenes care of the special animals who call Hollywild Animal Park home. If you have a question you'd like answered by our keepers, you may email it to: happenings@hollywild.com and we'll do our best to answer it in upcoming posts!

Our bears are loving this springtime weather! They love the warming days and even the springtime showers we get. Look for our bears playing in their livingroom here: Ramses is the big male bear (a Syrian brown bear) who has one slightly floppy ear. Honey Bear is a big male grizzly. Both are real hams who seem to like to pose for our webcam and visitors. Also sharing time in the big livingroom are younger bears, Amalia, Malica, and Samra who turned three in January 2015, and Sirianna Nyeff who turned two in January. In another area of the park you can meet Fiona and Cyrano, our one year old cubs. It's quite facinating to see their different personalities and stages of development. For a little extra fun, when you come to Hollywild to visit our bears, make sure to wave your arms while standing in front of the waterfall area when the big males are out. They have been known to start waving back! And if they don't, it's okay, you'll have had a special time of fun here with us you wouldn't have had anywhere else!





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